Is it possible to take a mortgage loan now?

As you know toady many country try to overcome the negative effect of the world financial crisis which toughed practically every sphere of modern economy. Because of that many companies became bankrupts or had to sell some of their assets and reduce different costs.

But in fact everything started from the problems in the real estate sector in the USA. This happened because property has always been in great demand because prices for houses and flats had a tendency to grow. That is why many people tried to get mortgage loans to invest all their money in real estate. But in fact some of them underestimated their financial potential because the rate of mortgage loans is not low as they thought. And that is why they could not afford to pay it. This created huge problems because the number of such people started to increase. But that was only just half of the problem because they even could not cover the whole mortgage loan because everything which they had was property which they bought. But the prices for property started to decrease because of the disproportion between the offer and demand. This was the start of the world financial crisis. That is why it is not easy to get a mortgage loan today.